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Our School Council

About Our School

The School Council provides a forum for all pupils to have a voice and consists of two representatives per class, elected by their peers.

The Council meet regularly to raise and discuss school issues and plan and execute their own projects.

Councillors hold meetings with their class to gain opinion from all children; this is then taken to the Council meeting, discussed and the results reported back to class.

Our School Council is made up of thirty children: a male and a female representative from each class.

Our 2016 2017 representatives are:

Emily Purser

Liam Wentzel

Olivia Mallows

Samuel Atkins

Rio Harrison

Leah Beetson

Emily Stancov

Harry Scott

Alfie McGoldrick

Tilly Annable

Sienna Bartaby

Harry Parker

Tyler Rees

Ella Weed

Cameron Black

Holly Anderson

Louie Daley

Tayla Thomas

Abbie Hallworth

Luke Dyer

Katie Bain

Kaelan Craig

Ben Hillman

Anushka Patel

Hayden Charamba

Ayesha Fry

Skye Tsang

Luke Scott

Tyra Daaku

Billy Lambe