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Information for Parents

Special educational needs (SEN) and disability information

We recognise the mutual benefits that result from the integration of children with special needs.

The school aims to be, not only stimulating and enjoyable but also, an accepting and caring community within which all children can achieve self-esteem through purposeful involvement.

The school has a duty to meet the individual needs of all pupils, including those who have Special Educational Needs (SEN). The class teacher, in consultation with the Inclusion Manager (IM), will identify such children and parents will be involved in discussion and in any decisions about specific action that may need to be taken.

The Local Authority is ultimately responsible for the assessment of all children with SEN through the Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) process in line with the Code of Practice. Full co-operation exists between the school, health service, social services, education psychology service, hospital outreach, speech and occupational therapy services, and other external agencies.

All children have access to a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum, through which all children are encouraged to have the highest expectations. School work is differentiated to match and stretch each child, helping them achieve their full potential.

  Inclusion Policy 2017  (pdf 996 kB)

  Equality Policy 2017  (pdf 898 kB)

  ADHD Awareness Month 2017  (pdf 261 kB)

  Disability Duty Action Plan 2017  (pdf 485 kB)

  SEND Information Report 2017-2018  (pdf 662 kB)