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School Uniform

Information for Parents

The school is frequently complimented on the children's excellent behaviour. We believe that children wearing uniform is part of discipline; a uniform contributes to a common value and identity system within a school. All children are therefore expected to wear the correct school uniform. Our uniform colour is burgundy. Book bags with the school logo and PE bags can be purchased from the school. Our uniform is available to order online. Details of our uniform can be found below:


  • V neck burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan with the Redwell Primary School logo
  • White polo shirt (logo optional)
  • Dark Grey (Charcoal) trousers/knee length skirt/culottes
  • Grey socks/tights
  • Flat black plain shoes or boots. (No trainers)
  • Black PE shorts, plain white t-shirt (black joggers & plain hooded jumper optional in Winter)


  • V neck burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan with the Redwell Primary School logo
  • White polo shirt (logo optional)
  • Dark Grey (Charcoal) trousers/knee length skirt/knee length shorts/culottes
  • Grey or white socks
  • Red Gingham Dresses
  • Flat black plain shoes. (No trainers or sandals)


  • Plain white T-Shirt (logo optional)
  • Black shorts
  • Black joggers (optional)
  • Plain tracksuit top (optional)
  • Black Plimsolls - EYFS / KS1
  • Trainers or Plimsolls - KS2

Order Online

In addition to the above school uniform requirement, the school prohibits;

  • Tattoos
  • Nail Polish
  • Large hair accessories
  • Extreme hairstyles or hair colours
  • Jewellery other than a small stud/sleeper and an analogue watch

We request that;

  • Long hair is tied up
  • All uniform is clearly named
  • PE kit is in school for PE days
  • A water bottle is provided every day, especially on hot days for rehydration

Hot or Warm Sunny Days

Please can you remember to apply sun cream at the start of the day and if your child is able to apply it themselves please feel free to send in a named bottle in a leak proof container that can be kept in their drawer for reapplying during the day.

Children are encouraged to wear sun hats outside and can also wear sunglasses. Children are responsible for keeping these safe. Please name items wherever possible.

  Download School Uniform Policy  (pdf 372 kB)