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w/c 11th June 2018

  Northampton Schools Poetry Competition letter to parents     Community Litter Pick - letter to parents     RHH - Summer Fayre     PE Uniform Policy Changes - letter to parents  

w/c 4th June 2018

  EYFS - Independent lining up letter to parents     Barracudas Activity Day Camps  

w/c 14th May 2018

  Miss Lowe Secondment - letter to parents  

w/c 21st May 2018

  Wellingborough Library Visit - letter to parents     Poetry Gallery - letter to parents     Pupils Privacy Notice - letter to parents  

w/c 7th May 2018

  Sewing Workshops     Wellingborough Museum Newsletter     Half Term Science Workshops  

w/c 30th April 2018

  Charity Event - Pig Racing Night     Redwell Bake Off     Year 4 Black Country Museum - letter to parents     Year 2 Brixworth Country Park - letter to parents  

w/c 23rd April 2018

  NSPCC - letter to parents 23-4-18     The Great Redwell Bake Off     Summer Tennis and Multisports Camps  

w/c 16th April 2018

  NSPCC letter to parents 20-4-18  

w/c 26th March 2018

  Gingerbread Friendship Group  

w/c 19th March 2018

  EYFS Study Visit West Lodge     Lab 13 - Easter holiday science workshops     Year 1 - Reminder Hamerton Zoo Trip - letter to parents     Year 3 - Residential Frontier Centre September 2018 - letter to parents  

w/c 12th March 2018

  Gooseberry Planet E-Safety Webinar - letter to parents     Values News and Ambition Day - letter to parents     Year 5 Ancient Egyptian Visit - letter to parents     EYFS Raptorxotics Visit - letter to parents     Year 6 Residential Visit Sept 2018 - letter to parents     Year 5 Swimming Lesssons - letter to parents     Gang Show 2018     Stanwick Lakes - Easter holiday club     Stanwick Lakes - Community Art Exhibition  

w/c 26th February 2018

  Easter Swimming Lessons     Gleneagles Church Good Friday WOW     Gleneagles Church Good Friday Registration Form     Year 2 Easter Bonnet Parade - letter to parents  

w/c 19th February 2018

  RHH Mothers Day Craft Event     E-Safety Policy - letter to parents  

w/c 5th February 2018

  Year 1 Hamerton Zoo Park Trip - letter to parents     Spy Academy 14-16 February     Year 1&2 Outdoor Homework - letter to parents     EYFS Book Time - letter to parents     Redwell Leisure Centre - Parking Complaint     Year 1&2 RHH Disco     Year 3&4 RHH Disco     Year 5&6 RHH Disco     Storytelling & Poetry WOWs Spring 2 - letter to parents  

w/c 29th January 2018

  Year 3 Think Tank letter to parents     Year 5&6 Bikeability letter to parents  

w/c 22nd January 2018

  Year 3 Think Tank letter to parents     WOG - Come and Play Cricket     Sister Act - U R Actors     Pacesetter February Half Term Clubs  

w/c 15th January 2018

  Safer Internet day 2018     Online Parent Sessions 2018     Online Parent Guide 2018  

w/c 8th January 2018

  Copper Count 2018  

w/c 30th October 2017

  Consent Form - Child     Consent Form - Adult     LEGO Parent Information Letter Open University     LEGO Parent Information Letter Redwell     Christmas Fayre Donation Letter  

w/c 25th September 2017

  Year 6 Residential Letter     Arrangements for Start Date EYFS     17th Wellingborough Brownies letter  

w/c 16th October 2017

  Beauty and the Beast EYFS/Year1/Year2 letter     Castle Theatre Years 3, 4, 5, 6 letter     RHH Family Shoe Box Appeal letter     RHH Uniform Sale letter     RHH Christmas Cards letter  

w/c 9th October 2017

  Wrenn Academy letter  

w/c 18th September 2017

  Thomas Becket Parents' Evening     RHH AGM Flyer     RHH MacMillan Coffee Morning 29.09.17     Year 6 Residential letter  

w/c 11th September 2017

  RHH AGM letter     KS2 Spanish Club     Spanish Club Taster Session     Redwell Parent Council     Stanwick Lakes Event     Volunteers 2017-2018  

w/c 10th July 2017

  Summer Swimming 2017     Stanwick Lakes Event     Information for parents: 2017 national curriculum assessment results at the end of key stage 2  

w/c 3rd July 2017

  RHH letter for Summer Fayre Friday 14th July 2017     Online Safety letter     Classes and staffing for September 2017 - July 2018     Parent Governor Elections July 2017  

w/c 26th June 2017

  Values Day 7th July 2017     RHH Summer Fayre     Alphastarz flyer     Parents' Guide -Yellow - Internet Safety  

w/c 19th June 2017

  Year 5 Enterprise Day     Wellingborough Summer Football Coaching     Trib Fest Flyer     Pacesetters Summer Clubs     Series 2 Little Big Shots Flyer  

w/c 12th June 2017

  Tea Towel Competition     Parent Governor Vacancy Letter  

w/c 5th June 2017

  Summer WOW     Victorian Wellingborough Event  

w/c 22nd May 2017

  RHH Newsletter May June 2017     School Council Poppy Pin Competition     Pacesetters Football Club  

w/c 27th March 2017

  Yr R West Lodge Visit  

w/c 1st May 2017

  New Online Payment System     Y5 Space Centre visit     Pacesetters May Half Term Sports Flyer     Holcot Class letter  

w/c 6th March 2017

  Parents' Evening March 2016 Holcot Class     Ambition Day 2017  

w/c 27th February 2017

  Week 27.02.17 Newsletter  

w/c 31st January 2017

  Internet safety letter Jan 2017     Year 5 and 6 maths groups letter Jan 2017     Y1 Hamerton Zoo visit  

w/c 6th February 2017

  Year 5/6 basketball letter Feb 2017  

w/c 23rd January 2017

  Weekly Newsletter     Maths Day Letter     New governor appointment     Miss Pachmayr absence letter  

w/c 28th November 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 21st November 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 14th November 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 7th November 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 31st October 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 17th October 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 10th October 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Special Educational Needs letter     Non Uniform Day  

w/c 3rd October 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 26th September 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 19th September 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 18th July 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 11th July 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 4th July 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Macmillan Cancer Support - Brave Shave     Wellingborough Museum Newsletter  

w/c 27th June 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 20th June 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Values Day  

w/c 13th June 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 6th June 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     E-Safety Workshop Invitation  

w/c 23rd May 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 16th May 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 9th May 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 2nd May 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Reading Guidance  

w/c 25th April 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 18th April 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Reading Guide for Parents     Wellingborough Music & Arts Centre     Peter Pan Musical  

w/c 11th April 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Stamp Recycling     RPS Maths Day Letter  

w/c 21st March 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Parent Guide: Talking to People     Waendel Walk 2016  

w/c 14th March 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Easter at Gleneagles Church     Easter Messy Church     Celebrating Change     Parent Guide: Gaming  

w/c 7th March 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Values Mascot     Bake Off Details     Wellingborough Museum Newsletter     Wellingborough School Holiday Camp  

w/c 29th February 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Redwell Helping Hands Newsletter     Football Training     Stanwick Lakes Holiday Club  

w/c 8th February 2016

  I Am Sew Over It Flyer     Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 1st February 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 25th January 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Handwriting Award Competition Details     Letter Formation Chart     Grammar and Spelling Expectations     Train to Teach Roadshow     Phonics & Grammar Parents Meeting     Messy Church January  

w/c 18th January 2016

  Weekly Newsletter  

w/c 11th January 2016

  Weekly Newsletter     Volunteer Poster     Used Stamps Recycling     Copper Trail