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Pupils Have Their Say


Harry S – “It is the best school in Wellingborough because it’s the kindest school and everybody shares.”
Jaden H – “I like the teachers at our school.”
Finley – “Our school celebrates our achievements and we enjoy sharing our certificates.”
Lexi – “I enjoy going to taekwondo club.”
Lewis – “I like our values because they are important and we can earn pebbles too.”
Ollie – “Everybody shares our values and I have got lovely friends.”
James – “I love writing in our storytelling lessons in English because I enjoy learning about new stories.”
Evan – “I get to go to football club with my friends.”
Skye – “I like having fruit and milk at playtimes with my friends.”
Sebastian – “I like the teachers here and we follow our school rules.”
Amelia – “The teachers are nice because they help us to learn and they are kind.”
Joshua – I like our teachers in school because I love them being kind to me.”
Deshoney – “I like our school because we have lots of dress up days!”
Emily S – “I like our school because we have a lovely playground with lots of fun toys to play with.”
Harry – “We get to make new friends at RPS.”
Harry U – “We get to learn about new words and have fun learning to spell them.”
Rafael R - “Our school is fun because we have exciting days like Value’s Day”
Grace W - “I have lots of friends at school and we play nicely together at playtime”
Daniel F - “Maths is my favourite lesson.  I am really good with my numbers now”
Darcie - "the teachers because loads of them are kind and caring"
Kayden - "I like DT. I liked it when we learnt about submarines and we made them."
Hannah - "I like writing stories."
Kayleigh - "I like Art because I am really creative."
Reuben - "I Like Reading – I really like my reading book."