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Behaviour and Discipline

Teaching & Learning

The school has a policy on behaviour management and anti-bullying which are available. We expect children at Redwell to be well behaved, self-disciplined and confident. We expect parents to work with the school in partnership to support these policies. When your child starts at our school you will be asked to sign a contract, a Home School Agreement. It is our aim to build upon the discipline already established at home and at pre-school and we enter into this contract with you as part of our belief in partnership between home and school.

We have a system of rewards and sanctions to reward good behaviour and prevent unacceptable behaviour. Staff set a good example to the children in the way we value each other and the way we behave with them and you. Care, courtesy, consideration and respect are the key words in our code of behaviour. Every child has a right to feel safe, the right to respect and the right to learn. All children have the responsibility to ensure that this happens. Staff use positive behaviour management strategies. They use verbal praise, sharing success, public celebration, stickers, certificates, text alerts, merits, values pebbles and house points at various times during the school year. Records are kept of challenging behaviour and parents are informed and involved at an early stage if we have to use sanctions.

All incidents of racial harassment or bullying are recorded and reported as per the Northamptonshire Policy. These incidents are taken very seriously and are dealt with quickly. Parents are involved in discussions about strategies and solutions. Exclusion from lessons or from staying at school for lunch is very rarely necessary and only occurs if the school’s programme of positive behaviour management does not succeed and the school does not have the resources to meet the child’s need. We adhere to the Northamptonshire policy on exclusion.

We expect adults to demonstrate respect and model positive behaviour for the children in our school. Inappropriate behaviour towards any member of staff or adult in our school will not be tolerated. If you witness any such behaviour please report it to the school office, reports will be treated sensitively.

  Anti Bullying Policy  (pdf 542 kB)

  Behaviour Policy  (pdf 755 kB)