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Educational Visits

Teaching & Learning

The Governors of the school have decided that all activities which could be described as "optional" (e.g. educational visits) must be covered by voluntary donations or they cannot take place.

The new arrangements place schools in a difficult position. As the law stands, children cannot be excluded from such visits if their parents do not wish to pay (but do wish their children to participate). Parents will appreciate that educational visits etc. have to be planned in advance and that schools need to have the financial capacity to cover their costs. Parents can be asked for "voluntary donations" towards the cost. Although, legally, no limit is placed on the amount parents contribute, the procedure we have adopted seeks to share the cost of such optional extras amongst children who will participate. Put simply, parents are notified of the visit, cost etc., and are asked to send back a reply slip indicating whether they are prepared to make a voluntary donation of the stated amount. Once we have this information, the visit will (or will not) proceed, depending upon whether the combined contributions cover the cost.

Coaches and minibuses used by the school are always fitted with seatbelts and full risk assessments are completed before any visit takes place.

We hope that parents will continue to be supportive of educational visits. We believe that they enhance your children's education.