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Feedback & Marking

Teaching & Learning

Our feedback and marking policy is based on the principles that:

  • children have the right to have their work acknowledged, to be given feedback on their achievements and to be given advice for their future learning
  • feedback informs all participants in the learning process of the progress made and feeds into the next cycle of planning for teaching and learning
  • regular marking keeps the teacher in tune with the individual needs and abilities within the class and helps to raise standards.

Who is involved:

Leadership Team / ARP Team - monitoring, evaluation and inset
Class Teachers:  giving a range of feedback in a variety of forms and used to model good practice
Pupils:  self-assessment and marking, peer assessment and improving their own work through AfL
All Learning Support Staff who work with a group
All other adults are required to acknowledge the work they have done with the children and initial this.

The Feedback and Marking process includes aspects as follows: 

  • marking should be related directly to the learning objective / success criteria
  • the Feedback and Marking Policy guidelines are kept in each classroom for children and adults to use
  • the use of green highlighter to promote positive aspects and pink highlighter to draw attention to errors or areas for development within a piece of work (Green for Greatness, Pink to Think)
  • children should be given time to check their work against the success criteria at the end of the lesson
  • work marked to a high standard including TA’s with their groups
  • pose an open question specifically related to the L.O to think about next steps
  • a correct example given by teacher (scaffold)
  • a request to do some corrections – use of pink highlighter – do not highlight your writing
  • verbal feedback to be acknowledged in books (VF)
  • use of the visualiser (VT) and mini-plenaries to model and share good examples throughout and at the end of the lesson
  • drawing attention to how the child has moved on after the work has been corrected
  • time allocated for conferencing with the children where possible


Feedback and Marking will be monitored by SLT and ARP teams through taking in samples of books and through lesson observations on a termly basis.